Task management is communication

Perfect for group collaboration and information sharing.

All you need is an e-mail address..

What is youRoom?

The need for a robust and performance-enhancing collaboration system cannot be overstated, in this time when demand for flexibility in work schedule and location is increasing. youRoom is a tool that supports group collaboration and information sharing. An internet connection is all your team members need to use youRoom anytime, anywhere. Our starter plan is completely free.

“Character limits” and “structuring”enables high-speed collaboration

E-mail is one of the worst group communication tools there is. When too many people are involved in the relay, we lose track of who's writing to whom. And almost every message comes attached with a trainload of convoluted quotes.

Some try to cover for the inefficiency with lengthy messages, only to start an endless round robin of equally long replies.

What about IM, then?
IM holds the other party up, just like a phone call.

Productivity nosedives when concentration is interrupted.

Comments left may be lost in the flow of the chat.
IM use should be kept to a bare minimum.

Solve it with youRoom!

youRoom has a 280 character limit, which encourages users to cut out excessive remarks and only state important points.

Feel free to attribute the lack of salutations to youRoom.

All comments are posted in a logical and structured manner. It will always be apparent who is replying to whom, no matter how much time passes.

Participants can reply to posts at their own time.

The key to seamless collaboration is “task management and integration”.

“Task management” is a major part of group collaboration.

Group tasks generally arise from someone's request. Once the task is finished, all parties involved are informed of its “completion”. All tasks begin and end with communication.

Should we not use another tool for task management, then?

At any rate, if it begins and ends with communication, the most effective way to handle that would be to manage this communication itself as a task.

Solve it with youRoom!

Posts with new comments are bumped to the top of your home screen and marked “For Review”.

Remove the “For Review” tag after reading to take it off the home screen.

Messages “For Review” are thus viewed as “your tasks”.

No matter how many groups you're in, they can all be viewed at once on your home screen, increasing your productivity.

What can youRoom be used for?

What do you use for your group communication or information sharing sessions? Individual e-mails? Mailing lists? Both can be sources of major headaches.

If you have been using mailing lists, we believe you’ll definitely like youRoom. Like a mailing list, each youRoom has an administrator, and information is only shared among a limited number of participants. It also comes with many convenient features that mailing lists do not offer.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Based in the cloud, youRoom can be accessed anytime, anywhere with an internet connection and web browser.

You can even log in from your smartphones or mobile devices. Share ideas with the group as soon as you come up with them, wherever and whenever you may be.


youRoom FeaturesyouRoom has many features that are deceptively simple yet serve to enhance collaboration.

  • Home Screen

    On the Home screen, all new comments in your groups can be seen at once. Here, you can post directly to different rooms without clicking into them. Unread posts and comments are automatically managed as well.

  • Room Screen

    On the Room screen, participants and posts can be seen at one glance. As users have to set up different names for different rooms, they can choose to use nicknames for one and real names for another.

  • Categories

    Posts in each room can be categorized by the room administrator. By sorting them out into categories like “Important”, “Pending”, “Completed”, and others, they can be easily located later.

  • Share Images

    Uploaded images can be viewed within a timeline.

  • Share Files

    Upload and share necessary files for collaboration.

  • Large Document Support (Paid Users)

    Large documents like minutes or proposals can be uploaded separately.

  • Invite Friends

    No limit to the number of rooms you can create. Invite participants using e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Strong Security

    All communication in youRoom is encrypted. Conscientious use of rooms will ensure secure information sharing.

  • Supports Globalization

    youRoom comes in Japanese and English. Posts can be made in any language.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • How is it different
    from IM?

    The biggest difference between youRoom and Skype or Facebook’s IM tools is that users can use youRoom at their own time. Like making a phone call, you can’t communicate via IM if the other party is not available. Also, when your concentration is interrupted, productivity takes a nosedive as well.
    With youRoom, all parties can reply to posts and requests at their own time.

  • How is it different
    from Twitter?

    Although similar at first glance, youRoom and Twitter are different in function and usage. On Twitter, people make “Tweets” on the internet which is sometimes seen by everyone, or no one at all.
    On youRoom, however, only those within the designated group can view posted messages in a secure environment.

  • How is it different
    from Facebook Groups?

    On Facebook Groups, you can share information with a limited group of people. However, Facebook Groups do not have the “For Review” function offered by youRoom. Messages you need to reply to may be buried without you even noticing it.
    Above all, youRoom can be used by people who do not have Facebook accounts.

Usage Scenarios


Common Usage ScenariosyouRoom is being used in a variety of scenarios arising from the need for collaboration.

  • Operating as a single team with customers located far away on software development projects.

    Meticulous information sharing is necessary for success. The best way to do so is to operate within the same room, but sometimes that may be physically impossible. youRoom makes your communication seem just as if every teammate was in the same room.

  • Fully utilize youRoom as online hotlines with your consulting lawyers or tax accountants.

    Set up different rooms for secure discussions. The lawyer or tax accountant offering advice can also make good use of their time by composing carefully thought out answers at their own pace, without feeling pressured to reply immediately.

  • Use youRoom to share information with overseas telecommuters or contractors on a different time schedule.

    Even if your teammates may work at a different time or in a different place, they can post and reply to assignments or discussions when the idea strikes, and at their own convenience.

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Price / Plans

You can use youRoom free forever, or upgrade to a “Premium Plan” if you like.

In the free version, users can only upload images and PDF files, with a 40MB monthly restriction.

Premium Plan ($5 / month)

  • 40MB per month → Up to 500MB
  • Only images or PDFs → All file formats
  • 280 characters → Text longer than 280 characters can be attached

About Us

youRoom is being managed by SonicGarden Inc.
Please contact us here for queries about our operations or PR activities.

Why did you create youRoom?

Popular tools basically attempt to act as extensions for current work styles. People think of building tools to increase meeting efficiency, even though meetings are said to be bad for productivity. But to be honest, why chase after the wind? If having meetings all the time reduces productivity, shouldn’t we come up with a better method of communication that does away with the need to meet? Routine begets habits, and our habits influence our tools. What we wanted to change with youRoom is the image of teamwork. We developed youRoom because we wanted a tool that can change mindsets.

Why is youRoom so simple?

Like the idiom “every man to his trade,” there’s a wide range of available services offering specialized features. Take for instance file-sharing. Dropbox is probably at the top of the industry for this. We do not believe throwing every last unnecessary feature into a single software is for the best. We believe people can achieve optimal productivity by using a host of useful tools together in different settings. youRoom has been kept simple and uncluttered precisely because we have a clear vision for its use.